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Invoke the Cecilia ADL Launcher with a Maven plugin, with the possibility of configuring various parameters of the toolchain.

LicenseLGPL 3.0
CategoriesMaven Plugins
HomePage ${cecilia.home.url}/toolchain-parent/maven-ceciliaadl-plugin ...
Date(Mar 18, 2009)
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RepositoriesCentralSpring LibsSpring Plugins
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New Version2.1.0

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Alessio Pace alessio.pace<at>gmail.comapace
Eric Bruneton Eric.Bruneton<at>rd.francetelecom.combrunetonArchitect, DeveloperFrance Telecom RD
Thierry Coupaye Thierry.Coupaye<at>rd.francetelecom.comcoupayeProject Manager, ArchitectFrance Telecom RD
Jean-Bernard Stefani Jean-Bernard.Stefani<at>inrialpes.frstefaniProject Manager, ArchitectINRIA