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ArtifactUsagesLast VersionDescription
openxri-syntax (3)
Openxri Syntax
71.2.1Openxri Syntax
openxri-client (3)
Openxri Client
61.2.1Openxri Client
openxri-server-logic (2)
Openxri Server Logic
21.2.1Openxri Server Logic
openxri-server (2)
Openxri Server
01.2.1Openxri Server Web Applications
openxri-admin (2)
Openxri Admin
01.2.1Openxri Admin Web Applications
assembly-binaries (2)
Assembly Binaries
01.2.1Assembly Binaries
assembly-sources (2)
Assembly Sources
01.2.1Assembly Sources
openxri (2)
01.2.1OpenXRI is an open source project established to develop freely redistributable XRI application and libraries