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1. Openxri Client14 usages

org.openxri » openxri-clientApache

Openxri Client

2. Openxri Syntax14 usages

org.openxri » openxri-syntaxApache

Openxri Syntax
Openxri Server Logic

4. Assembly Binaries

org.openxri » assembly-binariesApache

Assembly Binaries

5. Assembly Sources

org.openxri » assembly-sourcesApache

Assembly Sources

6. Openxri Admin

org.openxri » openxri-adminApache

Openxri Admin

7. Openxri Server

org.openxri » openxri-serverApache

Openxri Server

8. Openxri

org.openxri » openxriApache

OpenXRI is an open source project established to develop freely redistributable XRI application and libraries