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patterntesting-samples » 1.2.0

PatternTesting Samples (patterntesting-samples) is a collection of samples how to use the PatternTesting framework. It uses both patterntesting-rt and patterntesting-check to give you some ideas how to use it.

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The Apache Software License, Version 2.0

Depends on

Group Artifact Version
com.jamonapi jamon 2.4
commons-el commons-el 1.0
javax.servlet servlet-api 2.5
javax.servlet.jsp jsp-api 2.1
junit junit [4.8.1,4.9)
log4j log4j 1.2.16
org.apache.ant ant 1.7.1
org.apache.cactus cactus.core.framework.uberjar.javaEE.15 1.8.1
org.eclipse.jdt core 3.1.1
org.mortbay.jetty jetty-embedded 6.1.16
org.patterntesting patterntesting-check-ct 1.2.0
org.patterntesting patterntesting-check-rt 1.2.0
org.patterntesting patterntesting-concurrent 1.2.0
org.patterntesting patterntesting-exception 1.2.0
org.patterntesting patterntesting-rt 1.2.0
oro oro 2.0.8
tomcat jasper-compiler 5.5.15
tomcat jasper-runtime 5.5.15


Name Email Developer Id Roles Organization
Vincent Massol vmassol<at> vmassol Java Developer Pivolis
Matt Smith matt<at> ojojo Java Developer ojojo
Oliver Boehm ob<at> oboehm Java Developer agentes AG

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