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Group: org.powermock

PowerMock support module for JUnit 4.x.
PowerMock API for Mockito 1.+.
PowerMock API for EasyMock.

4. Powermock Core174 usages

org.powermock » powermock-coreApache

PowerMock core functionality.
PowerMock module for TestNG.
Various utilities for accessing internals of a class.
PowerMock support module for JUnit 4.x rules.
Utility classes.
PowerMock support module for JUnit 4.x rules with Java agent

Performs classloader deep-cloning using X-Stream
PowerMock support module for all versions of JUnit 4.x.

12. org.powermock.tests

Group used by 18 artifacts

Single jar containing binaries for PowerMock core, EasyMock and all test framework modules.
PowerMock module for TestNG.
Single jar containing source and binaries for PowerMock core and all modules.
PowerMock module for TestNG Java agent bootstrap.
Utilities for loading and executing classes.
PowerMock Java agent support.
Tests for EasyMock module with JUnit 4.x.
Tests for Mockito module with JUnit 4.x.