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Group: org.powermock.examples

Example showing how to use the PowerMock in a Spring Integration Test
Examples used to document various PowerMock features.
Example showing how to use the PowerMock in a Spring Integration Test with PowerMock java agent bootstrap

4. Powermock Examples

org.powermock.examples » powermock-examplesApache

Examples of specific uses of PowerMock.
Example demonstrating that PowerMock supports EasyMock 3.1
Example demonstrating that PowerMock and Byte Buddy works together.

7. Java8

org.powermock.examples » powermock-examples-java8Apache

Example of using Java 8.

8. ApacheMina

org.powermock.examples » powermock-examples-apacheminaApache

Examples showing PowerMock used to test NIO.

9. AbstractFactory

org.powermock.examples » powermock-examples-abstractfactoryApache

Example demonstrating how to mock a static call.

Example showing simple PowerMock usage.

11. Log4j

org.powermock.examples » powermock-examples-log4jApache

Example of using Log4jMockPolicy.

12. Slf4j Mockito

org.powermock.examples » powermock-examples-slf4j-mockitoApache

Example of using Slf4jMockPolicy with Mockito.
Example showing how to use the PowerMock in a Spring Integration Test

14. Jcl

org.powermock.examples » powermock-examples-jclApache

Example of using JclMockPolicy.

15. Powermock Examples Dom4j

org.powermock.examples » powermock-examples-dom4jApache

Example showing how to suppress static initializers.

16. JMock Example

org.powermock.examples » powermock-examples-jmockApache

Examples showing PowerMock with JMock

17. HamcrestExample

org.powermock.examples » powermock-examples-hamcrestexampleApache

Examples showing PowerMock used with Hamcrest matchers.

18. ApacheCLIExample

org.powermock.examples » powermock-examples-apachecliApache

Example showing PowerMock testing classes that extend Object.

19. SignedMocking

org.powermock.examples » powermock-examples-signedmockingApache

Examples showing PowerMock used to mock classes in signed jars.

20. Slf4j

org.powermock.examples » powermock-examples-slf4jApache

Example of using Slf4jMockPolicy.