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Artifacts using log4j-over-slf4j version 1.7.10

Starter for logging using Logback. Default logging starter
Last Release on Jun 8, 2017
Org.sonatype.sisu.goodies:goodies Testsupport
Last Release on Sep 6, 2015
Org.sonatype.goodies:goodies Testsupport
Last Release on Jun 5, 2017
Dropwizard Logging Support
Last Release on May 19, 2017
Core components shared to batch and server
Last Release on Apr 2, 2015
Last Release on Apr 1, 2015
SonarQube :: Batch
Last Release on Apr 2, 2015

Confluence Stateless Test Runner
Last Release on May 11, 2017
Atlassian Stash Functional Tests Common
Last Release on Aug 4, 2015
The XWiki Enterprise base package. It contains the full XWiki Enterprise runtime except for wiki pages. If you wish to have the default wiki pages, which contain both content pages and some default applications you also need to install the "XWiki Enterprise - UI" package. Alternatively you can start with an empty wiki without any page and thus no application pre-installed.
Last Release on May 29, 2017