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Apache Tika Parsers
Last Release on Jul 8, 2017
Apache Shiro :: Web
Last Release on May 5, 2017
Jackrabbit content repository implementation
Last Release on Sep 7, 2017
Apache HBase™ is the Hadoop database. Use it when you need random, realtime read/write access to your Big Data. This project's goal is the hosting of very large tables -- billions of rows X millions of columns -- atop clusters of commodity hardware.
Last Release on Sep 15, 2017
Camel unit testing with Spring
Last Release on Oct 7, 2017
Hive Query Language
Last Release on Jul 18, 2017
Spark Project Streaming
Last Release on Jul 1, 2017

Apache Mina SSHD :: Core
Last Release on Jun 29, 2017
Modern server-side Java template engine for both web and standalone environments
Last Release on Oct 2, 2017
Test Utility classes.
Last Release on Aug 14, 2016