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Group: org.soulwing

1. org.soulwing.prospecto

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2. org.soulwing.cas

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3. Pinject API1 usages

org.soulwing » pinject-apiApache

Provides the annotations for property injection as well as the service provider interfaces for extending Pinject.
A JNDI service locator for the CDI BeanManager

5. org.soulwing.jdbc

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A Wildfly modules distribution that adds AWS_PING support for the JGroups subsystem.

7. Pinject

org.soulwing » pinjectApache

A CDI extension that provides the ability to inject property values (e.g. numbers, strings, dates, etc) into managed beans.

8. Pinject Wildfly Modules

org.soulwing » pinject-modulesApache

Pinject Wildfly Modules

9. Uuid Maven Plugin

org.soulwing » uuid-maven-pluginApache

A Maven plugin that produces a UUID.

10. Crypt4j

org.soulwing » crypt4jApache

Unix crypt(3) for Java.

11. JavaShmail Provider

org.soulwing » javashmail-providerApache

A JavaMail provider with useful shims and shams for application testing.

12. Rot13

org.soulwing » rot13Apache


13. Soulwing Parent

org.soulwing » soulwing-parentApache

Parent project for projects.


org.soulwing » jax-rs-hrefApache

Resource location resolver for JAX-RS.

15. Pinject CDI Extension

org.soulwing » pinject-extensionApache

Provides the CDI extension that performs property injection.

16. org.soulwing.snmp

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17. org.soulwing.ssl

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