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Artifact Usages Last Version Description
spring-context (89)
Spring Context
1,996 4.1.3.RELEASE Spring Context Dependency Injection
spring-test (49)
Spring TestContext Framework
1,667 4.1.3.RELEASE Spring TestContext Framework Testing Frameworks
spring-core (88)
Spring Core
1,549 4.1.3.RELEASE Spring Core Core Utilities
spring-beans (81)
Spring Beans
1,248 4.1.3.RELEASE Spring Beans Dependency Injection
spring-web (88)
Spring Web
1,017 4.1.3.RELEASE Spring Web Web Frameworks
spring-webmvc (88)
Spring Web MVC
774 4.1.3.RELEASE Spring Web MVC Web Frameworks
spring-aop (88)
Spring AOP
643 4.1.3.RELEASE Spring AOP Aspect Oriented
spring-jdbc (78)
Spring JDBC
631 4.1.3.RELEASE Spring JDBC JDBC Extensions
spring-tx (49)
Spring Transaction
529 4.1.3.RELEASE Spring Transaction Transaction APIs/Managers
spring-orm (72)
Spring Object/Relational Mapping
497 4.1.3.RELEASE Spring Object/Relational Mapping Object/Relational Mapping
spring-context-support (49)
Spring Context Support
494 4.1.3.RELEASE Spring Context Support
spring (51)
Spring Framework
483 2.5.6.SEC03 Spring Framework
spring-expression (39)
Spring Expression Language (SpEL)
231 4.1.3.RELEASE Spring Expression Language (SpEL) Expression Languages
spring-mock (37)
Spring Framework: Mock
143 2.0.8 Spring Framework: Mock Mocking
spring-aspects (65)
Spring Aspects
137 4.1.3.RELEASE Spring Aspects Aspect Oriented
spring-jms (61)
Spring JMS
128 4.1.3.RELEASE Spring JMS Message Queue Clients
spring-oxm (39)
Spring Object/XML Marshalling
104 4.1.3.RELEASE Spring Object/XML Marshalling XML Processing
spring-webmvc-portlet (49)
Spring Web Portlet
81 4.1.3.RELEASE Spring Web Portlet
spring-asm (13)
Spring Asm
74 3.1.4.RELEASE Spring Asm Bytecode Libraries
spring-dao (39)
Spring Framework: DAO
64 2.0.8 Spring Framework: DAO
spring-support (28)
Spring Framework: Support
35 2.0.8 Spring Framework: Support
spring-hibernate3 (16)
Spring Framework: Hibernate3
32 2.0.8 Spring Framework: Hibernate3
spring-remoting (28)
Spring Framework: Remoting
20 2.0.8 Spring Framework: Remoting Distributed Communication
spring-messaging (13)
Spring Messaging
19 4.1.3.RELEASE Spring Messaging Message Queue Clients
spring-instrument (39)
Spring Instrument
14 4.1.3.RELEASE Spring Instrument Bytecode Libraries
spring-portlet (16)
Spring Framework: Portlet
13 2.0.8 Spring Framework: Portlet
spring-jmx (12)
Spring Framework: JMX
12 2.0.8 Spring Framework: JMX JMX Libraries
spring-websocket (13)
Spring WebSocket
10 4.1.3.RELEASE Spring WebSocket
spring-hibernate (12)
Spring Framework: Hibernate
8 1.2.9 Spring Framework: Hibernate
spring-webflow (10)
Spring Web Flow
7 1.0.6 Spring Web Flow
spring-ldap (3)
Spring LDAP Core
5 1.1.2 Spring LDAP Core
spring-agent (19)
Spring Framework: Agent
5 2.5.6.SEC03 Spring Framework: Agent
spring-struts (38)
Spring Struts
4 3.2.12.RELEASE Spring Struts
springloaded (3)
4 1.2.1.RELEASE JVM reloading agent
spring-binding (10)
Spring Binding
3 1.0.6 Spring Data Binding Framework
spring-webmvc-struts (10)
Spring Framework: Web MVC Struts
2 2.5.6.SEC03 Spring Framework: Web MVC Struts
spring-jca (12)
Spring Framework: JCA
2 2.0.8 Spring Framework: JCA
spring-full (5)
Spring Full Dependency List
2 1.2.8 Spring Full Dependency List
spring-ojb (7)
Spring Ojb
2 2.0-m5 Spring Ojb
spring-jpa (15)
Spring Framework: JPA
1 2.0.8 Spring Framework: JPA
spring-hibernate2 (16)
Spring Framework: Hibernate2
1 2.0.8 Spring Framework: Hibernate2
spring-ibatis (12)
Spring Framework: IBATIS
1 2.0.8 Spring Framework: iBATIS
spring-instrument-tomcat (39)
Spring Instrument Tomcat
0 4.1.3.RELEASE Spring Instrument Tomcat
spring-tomcat-weaver (21)
Spring Framework: Tomcat Weaver
0 2.5.6.SEC03 Spring Framework: Tomcat Weaver
spring-toplink (16)
Spring Framework: TopLink
0 2.0.8 Spring Framework: TopLink
spring-parent (25)
Spring Framework Parent
0 3.1.4.RELEASE Spring Framework Parent
spring-jdo (16)
Spring Framework: JDO
0 2.0.8 Spring Framework: JDO
spring-beandoc (1)
Spring Beandoc Core
0 0.7.1 Spring Beandoc Core
beandoc (1)
0 0.7.0 Beandoc
spring-framework-bom (20)
Spring Framework (Bill Of Materials)
0 4.1.3.RELEASE Spring Framework (Bill of Materials)

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