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Spring Framework: ORM

Spring Framework: ORM

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Organization Spring Framework
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This artifact depends on ...

Group Artifact Version
${project.groupId} spring-aop ${project.version}
${project.groupId} spring-beans ${project.version}
${project.groupId} spring-context ${project.version}
${project.groupId} spring-core ${project.version}
${project.groupId} spring-jdbc ${project.version}
${project.groupId} spring-tx ${project.version}
${project.groupId} spring-web ${project.version}
aopalliance aopalliance 1.0 toplink 10.1.3 toplink-essentials 2.41
commons-logging commons-logging 1.1.1
javax.jdo jdo2-api 2.0
javax.persistence persistence-api 1.0
org.apache.ibatis ibatis-sqlmap
org.hibernate hibernate
org.hibernate hibernate-entitymanager 3.3.2.GA

This artifact is used by ...

Group Artifact Version
fr.loof.fonzie fonzie 0.0.1
org.tinygroup.annotation.0.0.12.tinygroup springutil 0.0.12
fr.loof.fonzie fonzie 0.0.2
fr.loof.fonzie fonzie 0.0.3
org.cementframework querybyproxy-hql 0.0.4
fr.loof.fonzie fonzie 0.0.5
fr.loof.fonzie fonzie 0.0.6
org.tinygroup springutil 0.0.8
org.tinygroup springutil 0.0.9
org.jharks workflow-survey-engine 0.1.0
fr.loof.fonzie fonzie 0.1.1
fr.loof.fonzie fonzie 0.2.0
fr.loof.fonzie fonzie 0.3.1
fr.loof.fonzie fonzie 0.3.2
fr.loof.fonzie fonzie 0.3.3
fr.loof.fonzie fonzie 0.3.4
fr.loof.fonzie fonzie 0.3.5
org.iternine jeppetto-dao-hibernate 0.5
org.cementframework querybyproxy-hql 0.5.3
org.iternine jeppetto-dao-hibernate 0.6
org.iternine jeppetto-dao-jdbc 0.7
org.iternine jeppetto-dao-jdbc 0.7.1
org.ikasan ikasan-framework 0.7.11
org.iternine jeppetto-dao-hibernate 0.7.2
org.iternine jeppetto-dao-jdbc 0.7.3
org.iternine jeppetto-dao-jdbc 0.8
org.ow2.dragon dragon-core 1.0-alpha
org.jasig.portlet FeedbackPortlet 1.0.0
org.jasig.portlet CalendarPortlet 1.0.0-M2
org.ujoframework ujo-orm-spring 1.00
org.ujoframework ujo-orm-spring 1.10
org.ujoframework ujo-orm-spring 1.20
org.ujoframework ujo-orm-spring 1.21
org.ujoframework ujo-orm-spring 1.22
org.ujorm ujo-spring 1.30
org.ujorm ujo-orm-spring 1.30.RC1
org.ujorm ujo-spring 1.30.RC2
org.ujorm ujo-spring 1.31
org.ujorm ujo-spring 1.32
org.ujorm ujo-spring 1.33
org.ujorm ujo-spring 1.34
org.ujorm ujo-spring 1.35
org.ujorm ujo-spring 1.36
org.ujorm ujo-spring 1.40
org.ujorm ujo-spring 1.41
org.ujorm ujo-spring 1.42
org.ujorm ujo-spring 1.43
org.ujorm ujo-spring 1.44
org.apache.camel camel-bundle 1.6.0
org.apache.camel camel-bundle 1.6.1
org.zeroturnaround javarebel-spring-plugin 2.0
org.apache.camel camel-bundle 2.0-M1
org.apache.camel camel-bundle 2.0-M2
org.apache.camel camel-bundle 2.0-M3
org.zeroturnaround javarebel-spring-plugin 2.0-RC3
org.zeroturnaround javarebel-spring-plugin 2.0.1
org.zeroturnaround javarebel-spring-plugin 2.0.2
org.zeroturnaround javarebel-spring-plugin 2.0.2a
org.zeroturnaround javarebel-spring-plugin 2.0.2b
org.zeroturnaround spring-jr-plugin 2.0.3
net.sourceforge.openutils openutils-bshd5 2.0.5
org.zeroturnaround spring-jr-plugin 2.1
org.zeroturnaround spring-jr-plugin 2.1.1
org.zeroturnaround spring-jr-plugin 2.1a
com.mycila.testing.plugins mycila-testing-spring 2.3
com.mycila.testing.plugins mycila-testing-spring 2.4
com.mycila.testing.plugins mycila-testing-spring 2.5
com.mycila.testing.plugins mycila-testing-spring 2.6
com.mycila.testing.plugins mycila-testing-spring 2.7
com.mycila.testing.plugins mycila-testing-spring 2.8
org.zeroturnaround spring-jr-plugin 3.0-M1
org.mule.examples mule-example-geomail 3.0.0-M1
org.mule.examples mule-example-geomail 3.0.0-M2
org.mule.examples mule-example-geomail 3.0.0-M2-20090803
org.mule.examples mule-example-geomail 3.0.0-M2-20091006
org.mule.examples mule-example-geomail 3.0.0-M2-20091026
org.mule.examples mule-example-geomail 3.0.0-M2-20091124
org.mule.examples mule-example-geomail 3.0.0-M2-20091130
org.mule.examples mule-example-geomail 3.0.0-M3
org.mule.examples mule-example-geomail 3.0.0-M4


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The Apache Software License, Version 2.0

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