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Group: org.swinglabs.swingx


1. SwingX Core23 usages

org.swinglabs.swingx » swingx-core under Swing Libraries

SwingX Core

2. SwingX Commons16 usages

org.swinglabs.swingx » swingx-common under Swing Libraries

Code common to all SwingX modules.

3. SwingX Complete13 usages

org.swinglabs.swingx » swingx-all

A Maven project to aggregate all modules into a single artifact.
Code and classes to support testing SwingX. Classes contained in this module are for internal SwingX use only.
SwingX Painter Support
AutoComplete functionality for text components and combo boxes.
SwingX Look And Feel Support
Graphics Utilities and Libraries for working with Java2D.

9. Action Framework4 usages

org.swinglabs.swingx » swingx-action under Swing Libraries

Action Framework
SwingX Maven Support

11. SwingX BeanInfo3 usages

org.swinglabs.swingx » swingx-beaninfo

SwingX BeanInfo

12. SwingX

org.swinglabs.swingx » swingx-project

Contains extensions to the Swing GUI toolkit, including new and enhanced components that provide functionality commonly required by rich client applications.