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Group: org.swinglabs.swingx

Artifact Last Version Popularity Description
swingx-core (4)
SwingX Core
swingx-common (4)
SwingX Commons
1.6.5-1 Code common to all SwingX modules.
swingx-autocomplete (4)
SwingX AutoComplete
1.6.5-1 AutoComplete functionality for text components and combo boxes.
swingx-beaninfo (4)
SwingX BeanInfo
swingx-painters (4)
SwingX Painter Support
swingx-action (4)
Action Framework
swingx-plaf (4)
SwingX Look and Feel Support
swingx-graphics (4)
SwingX Graphics
1.6.5-1 Graphics Utilities and Libraries for working with Java2D.
swingx-all (4)
SwingX Complete
1.6.5-1 A Maven project to aggregate all modules into a single artifact.
swingx-project (4)
1.6.5-1 Contains extensions to the Swing GUI toolkit, including new and enhanced components that provide functionality commonly required by rich client applications.
swingx-testsupport (4)
SwingX Test Support
1.6.5-1 Code and classes to support testing SwingX. Classes contained in this module are for internal SwingX use only.
swingx-mavensupport (3)
SwingX Maven Support