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Group: org.uberfire

1. UberFire API332 usages

org.uberfire » uberfire-apiApacheCC0Public

UberFire API

2. Uberfire Commons219 usages

org.uberfire » uberfire-commonsApacheCC0Public

Collection of reusable (not depending on any other UberFire module) components for Uberfire.
Uberfire Widgets Commons

4. UberFire Client API143 usages

org.uberfire » uberfire-client-apiApacheCC0Public

UberFire Client API
UberFire Workbench Client

6. UberFire Backend API130 usages

org.uberfire » uberfire-backend-apiApacheCC0Public

UberFire Backend API
UberFire Backend Server

8. Uberfire NIO.2 :: Model123 usages

org.uberfire » uberfire-nio2-modelApacheCC0Public

Uberfire NIO.2 :: Model
UberFire Testing Utils

10. UberFire I/O112 usages

org.uberfire » uberfire-ioApacheCC0Public

Set of utilities/facades for NIO.2
UberFire Workbench Processors

12. UberFire Workbench82 usages

org.uberfire » uberfire-workbenchApacheCC0Public

UberFire Workbench
Uberfire Commons Editor API

14. UberFire Security API72 usages

org.uberfire » uberfire-security-apiApacheCC0Public

UberFire Security API
Uberfire Commons Editor Client
UberFire Workbench Client Views: PatternFly

17. Uberfire NIO.2 :: API49 usages

org.uberfire » uberfire-nio2-apiApacheCC0Public

Uberfire NIO.2 :: API
UberFire All Client Libraries
UberFire NIO.2 :: File System Impl

20. UberFire NIO.2 :: JGIT Impl47 usages

org.uberfire » uberfire-nio2-jgitApacheCC0Public

UberFire NIO.2 :: JGIT Impl