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tambora-top » 1.0

A collection of example projects showing how to use maven in different situations

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Organization Apache Software Foundation
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Depends on

CategoryGroup Artifact Version
AOP aspectj aspectjrt 1.1.0
avalon avalon-framework-api 4.1.4
classworlds classworlds 1.0-beta-4
Testing junit junit 3.8.1
Expression Lang ognl ognl 2.5.1
papinet papinet-mar V2R10
plexus plexus 0.6
prevayler prevayler 2.00.000dev1
tambora tambora-tpi 1.0
XML Processing xpp3 xpp3 1.1.2a


Name Email Developer Id Roles Organization
Jason van Zyl jason<at> jvanzyl Java Developer Zenplex