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A light weight and high performance Java caching library. Android and Java 6 compatible core library. This artifact is included in cache2k-all.
Last Release on Dec 29, 2017
Infinispan Memcached Server
Last Release on May 11, 2018
DirectMemory Cache is a multi layered cache implementation featuring off-heap memory management (a-la BigMemory) to enable efficient handling of a large number of java objects without affecting jvm garbage collection performance
Last Release on Sep 11, 2013
Last Release on Nov 8, 2005
Circumflex Simple Caching Framework
Last Release on Dec 4, 2012
Super high-speed Java object cache
Last Release on Sep 16, 2011
A simple in-memory POJO Multi Version Concurrency Control (MVCC) cache.
Last Release on Dec 20, 2013

Java implementation of Dynamo - consistent-hash based distributed cache system
Last Release on Feb 28, 2010
Cache API with various implementations : simple HashMap, ehcache, oscache. Based on Spring container.
Last Release on Sep 30, 2011