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Project GlassFish Java Transaction API
Last Release on May 13, 2013
Last Release on Mar 28, 2014
API module of JSR 374:Java API for Processing JSON
Last Release on May 18, 2017
Java EE Connector Architecture API Specification
Last Release on Apr 16, 2008
The Java Data Objects 2 (JDO) API is a standard interface-based Java model abstraction of persistence, developed as Java Specification Request 243 under the auspices of the Java Community Process.
Last Release on Apr 9, 2009
JavaMail API Jar
Last Release on Mar 22, 2017
POM was created from install:install-file
Last Release on May 20, 2010

Last Release on May 12, 2014
This is the master POM file for Sun's Implementation of the JSF 1.2 Specification.
Last Release on Apr 19, 2016
Last Release on Mar 21, 2013