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A Java 1.6+ library providing a clean and lightweight markdown processor
Last Release on Sep 18, 2015
Core of commonmark-java (implementation of CommonMark for parsing markdown and rendering to HTML)
Last Release on Jan 17, 2018
MarkdownJ is the pure Java port of Markdown, a text-to-html conversion tool written by John Gruber.
Last Release on Feb 15, 2014
Markdown parser for the JVM
Last Release on Mar 20, 2015
ScalaMD: A Scala Markdown Processor
Last Release on Dec 21, 2012
WikiText Integration for Markdown and Confluence wiki notations
Last Release on Dec 29, 2012
Last Release on May 27, 2018

XWiki Rendering - Syntax - Markdown 1.0
Last Release on May 24, 2016
A Markup (Markdown, AsciiDoc) document builder.
Last Release on Nov 12, 2015
Parses markdown and generates HTML and PDF.
Last Release on Nov 10, 2013