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A Maven plugin to create archives of your project's sources, classes, dependencies etc. from flexible assembly descriptors.
Last Release on Nov 8, 2016
The Apache Maven Javadoc Plugin is a plugin that uses the javadoc tool for generating javadocs for the specified project.
Last Release on Jun 7, 2016
The JaCoCo Maven Plugin provides the JaCoCo runtime agent to your tests and allows basic report creation.
Last Release on Feb 5, 2017
Maven Surefire MOJO in maven-surefire-plugin.
Last Release on Apr 8, 2017
Maven Archetype Plugin
Last Release on Apr 8, 2017
Builds a Java Archive (JAR) file from the compiled project classes and resources.
Last Release on Jun 18, 2016
The Maven Source Plugin creates a JAR archive of the source files of the current project.
Last Release on Jun 18, 2016

A plugin to allow maven builds ActionScript and MXML projects from Adobe systems.
Last Release on Jan 15, 2008
Copies the project artifacts to the user's local repository.
Last Release on Aug 27, 2014
Maven JAXB 2.x Plugin
Last Release on Mar 7, 2017