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Spring Web
Last Release on Nov 27, 2017
Spring Web MVC
Last Release on Nov 27, 2017
Gwt User
Last Release on Oct 18, 2017
Last Release on Jan 11, 2018
Spring Web Flow
Last Release on Dec 22, 2017
Wicket is a Java web application framework that takes simplicity, separation of concerns and ease of development to a whole new level. Wicket pages can be mocked up, previewed and later revised using standard WYSIWYG HTML design tools. Dynamic content processing and form handling is all handled in Java code using a first-class component model backed by POJO data beans that can easily be persisted using your favorite technology.
Last Release on Oct 21, 2017
Webkit Library
Last Release on Dec 16, 2017

Struts 2 Core
Last Release on Nov 29, 2017
A module that provides dependencies to all core submodules needed to run Wicket application. This way Maven users can depend only on this module without bothering that Wicket core depends on several modules.
Last Release on Oct 21, 2017
Vaadin is a web application framework for Rich Internet Applications (RIA). Vaadin enables easy development and maintenance of fast and secure rich web applications with a stunning look and feel and a wide browser support. It features a server-side architecture with the majority of the logic running on the server. Ajax technology is used at the browser-side to ensure a rich and interactive user experience.
Last Release on Jun 29, 2012