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1. Eclipse UI 182 usages

Eclipse UI
org.eclipse » ui

3. JGit Core 144 usages

Categories: Git Tools
Repository access and algorithms
org.eclipse.jgit » org.eclipse.jgit

4. Jetty :: Server Core 776 usages

Categories: Web Servers
The core jetty server artifact.
org.eclipse.jetty » jetty-server

9. EclipseLink JPA 94 usages

Categories: JPA Implementations
EclipseLink build based upon Git transaction 296a69f
org.eclipse.persistence » org.eclipse.persistence.jpa

11. Eclipse ECJ 110 usages

Eclipse JDT Core Batch Compiler
org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler » ecj

13. Jetty :: Utilities 252 usages

Utility classes for Jetty
org.eclipse.jetty » jetty-util

14. Core Resource Management 236 usages

Categories: Eclipse Runtime
Core Resource Management
org.eclipse.core » resources

16. Jetty Orbit :: Servlet API 201 usages

This artifact originates from the Orbit Project at Eclipse, it is an osgi bundle and is signed as well.
org.eclipse.jetty.orbit » javax.servlet

19. Eclipse Xtend Runtime Library 37 usages

Categories: Language Runtime
The runtime library for the Xtend programming language.
org.eclipse.xtend » org.eclipse.xtend.lib

20. Eclipse Equinox OSGi Framework 25 usages

An implementation of the OSGi Core specification.
org.eclipse » org.eclipse.osgi