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4. Web Feature Service Module 4 usages

Web Feature Service Module
org.geoserver » wfs

5. Web Coverage Service Module 3 usages

Web Coverage Service Module
org.geoserver » wcs

6. Open Web Service Module 2 usages

Open Web Service Module
org.geoserver » ows

10. Web Application Module 1 usages

Web Application Module
org.geoserver » web

11. Web Map Service Module 1 usages

Web Map Service Module
org.geoserver » wms

12. Versioning Web Feature Service Model 1 usages

Versioning Web Feature Service Model
org.geoserver » net.opengis.wfsv

13. Artifact Merger PlugIn

Categories: Maven Plugins
Artifact Merger PlugIn
org.geoserver.maven » merger

14. Test Module

Test Module
org.geoserver » test

15. Preference Store Web Service Module

Preference Store Web Service Module
org.geoserver » preference_web

17. Configuration Deployment PlugIn

Categories: Maven Plugins
Configuration Deployment PlugIn
org.geoserver.maven » config

18. GeoServer Maven Plugins

GeoServer Maven Plugins
org.geoserver.maven » plugins

19. Plugins Configuration Files

Contains the configuration files for a few plugins (for the moment, Jalopy only) so that there's no need to replicate them, put them on a remote server, or use an absolute path.
org.geoserver.maven » build-configs