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Hibernate O/RM implementation of the JPA specification
The core O/RM functionality as provided by Hibernate
Hibernate's Bean Validation (JSR-303) reference implementation.

Aggregator of the Hibernate Core modules.
Annotations metadata for Hibernate
Hibernate definition of the Java Persistence 2.0 (JSR 317) API.
EJB3-style annotations for Hibernate - common code
Integration for Ehcache into Hibernate as a second-level caching service
Integration for c3p0 Connection pooling into Hibernate O/RM
Clean-room definition of JPA APIs intended for use in developing Hibernate JPA implementation. See for details
Support for testing Hibernate ORM functionality
Common reflection code used in support of annotation processing
Annotation Processor to generate JPA 2 static metamodel classes
Core of the Object/Lucene mapper, query engine and index management
Hibernate Entitity Manager EJB3 Persistence