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Powerful and flexible instrument for asynchronous image loading, caching and displaying on Android
The purpose of the library is to provide better image scaling options than the Java runtime provides.
Methods for the extraction of low-level image features, including global image features and pixel/patch classification models.
Grid coverage reader for image georeferenced by a world file. File format consists of consisting of a plain image and a "sidecar" world file to georeference the image, a and projection file file to indicate the coordinate reference system used.
Core definitions of images, pixels and connected components. Also contains interfaces for processors for these basic types. Includes loading, saving and displaying images.

Methods for the extraction of local features. Local features are descriptions of regions of images (SIFT, ...) selected by detectors (Difference of Gaussian, Harris, ...).
Implementations of various image, pixel and connected component processors (resizing, convolution, edge detection, ...).