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1. Cudfjni5 usages

ai.rapids » cudfApache

This project provides java bindings for cudf, to be able to process large amounts of data on a GPU. This is still a work in progress so some APIs may change until the 1.0 release.
Last Release on Jun 10, 2021

2. Xgboost4j1 usages

ai.rapids » xgboost4jApache

Last Release on Mar 3, 2020

3. XGBoost JVM Package

ai.rapids » xgboost-jvmApache

JVM Package for XGBoost
Last Release on Mar 3, 2020

4. Xgboost4j Spark

ai.rapids » xgboost4j-sparkApache

Xgboost4j Spark
Last Release on Mar 3, 2020