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Artifacts using lifecycle-livedata-core version 2.0.0

Android Lifecycle LiveData
Last Release on Mar 27, 2021
The Support Library is a static library that you can add to your Android application in order to use APIs that are either not available for older platform versions or utility APIs that aren't a part of the framework APIs. Compatible on devices running API 14 or later.
Last Release on Oct 11, 2019
GSDK Wrapper COM Bytedance Common Business ALog
Last Release on Dec 6, 2020
GSDK Wrapper Commonmonitor CnRelease
Last Release on Mar 17, 2021
GSDK Wrapper NET I18nRelease
Last Release on Mar 15, 2021
Last Release on Mar 12, 2021

GSDK Base CnRelease
Last Release on Jan 27, 2021
GSDK Wrapper Commonmonitor I18nRelease
Last Release on Mar 15, 2021
GSDK Wrapper COM SS Android UGC Aweme Thor
Last Release on Dec 7, 2020