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DynamicJasper (DJ) is an API that hides the complexity of Jasper Reports, it helps developers to save time when designing simple/medium complexity reports generating the layout of the report elements automatically. It creates reports dynamically, defining at runtime the columns, column width (auto width), groups, variables, fonts, charts, crosstabs, sub reports (that can also be dynamic), page size and everything else that you can define at design time. ...

Organization FDV Solutions
Date(Dec 05, 2008)
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Java Spec
javax.servlet » servlet-api


GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)


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Juan Manuel Alvarez juan.alvarez<at>fdvsolutions.comdjmamanaProject lead, Java DeveloperFDV Solutions
Martin Gorostegui martin.gorostegui<at>fdvsolutions.commartingorosProject admin, Java DeveloperFDV Solutions
Mariano Simone mariano.simone<at>fdvsolutions.commarianosimoneJava Developer, Charting integrationFDV Solutions
Alejandro Gomez alejandro.gomez<at>fdvsolutions.comSuper Gurú, Doc supervisor, webwork IntegrationFDV Solutions

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