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Pact provider ============= sub project of The pact provider is responsible for verifying that an API provider adheres to a number of pacts authored by its clients This library provides the basic tools required to automate the process, and should be usable on its own in many instances. Framework and build tool specific bindings will be provided in separate libraries that build on top of this core functionality. ### Provider State Before each interaction is executed, ...
Last Release on Mar 31, 2019
Pact consumer ============= Pact Consumer is used by projects that are consumers of an API. Most projects will want to use pact-consumer via one of the test framework specific projects. If your favourite framework is not implemented, this module should give you all the hooks you need. Provides a DSL for use with Java to build consumer pacts. ## Dependency The library is available on maven central using: * group-id = `` * artifact-id = `pact-jvm-consumer` ## DSL Usage Example in a JUnit ...
Last Release on Mar 31, 2019
Pact Specification ================== The [Pact Specification]( is a robust set of tests on the pact matching code aimed at ensuring pact library implementations across different languages have the same matching behaviour. Without adhering to these specifications there would be room for subtle issues to arise between consumers and providers using different libraries.
Last Release on Mar 31, 2019
Pact server =========== The pact server is a stand-alone interactions recorder and verifier, aimed at clients that are non-JVM or non-Ruby based. The pact client for that platform will need to be implemented, but it only be responsible for generating the `JSON` interactions, running the tests and communicating with the server. The server implements a `JSON` `REST` Admin API with the following endpoints. / -> For diagnostics, currently returns a list of ports of the running mock servers. ...
Last Release on Apr 21, 2019