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Spring Cloud Contract Pact
Last Release on Jan 23, 2019
# Pact Junit 5 Extension ## Overview For writing Pact verification tests with JUnit 5, there is an JUnit 5 Invocation Context Provider that you can use with the `@TestTemplate` annotation. This will generate a test for each interaction found for the pact files for the provider. To use it, add the `@Provider` and one of the pact source annotations to your test class (as per a JUnit 4 test), then add a method annotated with `@TestTemplate` and `@ExtendWith(PactVerificationInvocationContextProvider.class)` ...
Last Release on Feb 17, 2019
# Pact Spring/JUnit runner ## Overview Library provides ability to play contract tests against a provider using Spring & JUnit. This library is based on and references the JUnit package, so see the [Pact JUnit 4](../pact-jvm-provider-junit) or [Pact JUnit 5](../pact-jvm-provider-junit5) providers for more details regarding configuration using JUnit. Supports: - Standard ways to load pacts from folders and broker - Easy way to change assertion strategy - Spring Test MockMVC Controllers and ...
Last Release on Feb 17, 2019