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Alternative implementation of jdbc wrapper for clojure. For this momment, the official wrapper `clojure.jdbc` has very unclear api and it doing a lot of implicit things such as connection management. This library intends make more simple and clear api to jdbc than the official library.

LicenseApache 2.0

0.1.1Clojars 0 Apr, 2014
0.1.0-rc1Clojars 0 Feb, 2014
0.1.0-beta5Clojars 0 Jan, 2014
0.1.0-beta4Clojars 0 Dec, 2013
0.1.0-beta3Clojars 0 Dec, 2013
0.1.0-beta2Clojars 0 Nov, 2013
0.1.0-beta1Clojars 0 Nov, 2013