Artifacts using installreferrer version 2.2

Official Mixpanel tracking library for Android
Last Release on Apr 16, 2024
AppMetrica SDK is a free analytics tool for developers of mobile apps for Android.
Last Release on Mar 3, 2023
Use the Branch SDK ( to create and power the links that point back to your apps for all of these things and more. Branch makes it incredibly simple to create powerful deep links that can pass data across app install and open while handling all edge cases (using on desktop vs. mobile vs. already having the app installed, etc). Best of all, it is really simple to start using the links for your own app: only 2 lines of code to register the deep link router and one more line of code to create the ...
Last Release on Apr 1, 2024
The CleverTap Android SDK
Last Release on Apr 11, 2024
Cross-platform library for Cocos2d-x and Unity
Last Release on Aug 19, 2021
Affise Attribution Library
Last Release on Apr 16, 2024
authme sdk AuthMeSDK
Last Release on Apr 8, 2024
AppMetrica SDK Module
Last Release on Apr 5, 2024
Android SDK of myTracker Analytics
Last Release on Oct 16, 2023
Last Release on Jan 20, 2022