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[PUBLIC] Atlassian Application Links core plugin. Application Links facilitates discovery, connections and authentication of Atlassian products with remote applications.
Last Release on Oct 7, 2021
[PUBLIC] Plugin that provides OAuth authentication for Application Links
Last Release on Oct 7, 2021
[INTERNAL] Common internal classes for Application Links project. This will not be publicly available in any product. None of the classes in this modules should be consumed by modules external to Application Links. Classes and resources from this plugin are exported by the Applinks Core Plugin for re-use in other Applinks plugins only.
Last Release on Oct 7, 2021
Macros to retrieve information from Jira.
Last Release on Jul 28, 2021
[INTERNAL] Common utilities for REST tests in Application Links. NOTE: consume classes in this module at your own risk, they may be subject to change and/or removal without notice.
Last Release on Oct 7, 2021