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Artifacts using atlassian-spring-scanner-annotation version 2.1.3

Spring extensions to ease in creating no-transform Atlassian plugins
Last Release on Dec 27, 2020
Plugin that provides webhooks capability
Last Release on Dec 10, 2020
JIRA Importers Plugin
Last Release on Feb 4, 2021
A plugin to simplify the running of unit test
Last Release on Feb 6, 2019
Allows users to share a page with others via email
Last Release on Feb 25, 2021
Provides support for managing Inline Tasks outside of the Confluence Editor.
Last Release on Feb 25, 2021
This is the com.atlassian.jira.plugins:jira-inline-issue-create-plugin plugin for Atlassian JIRA.
Last Release on Feb 4, 2021

Atlassian Spring Scanner Maven Plugin
Last Release on Dec 15, 2020
User Lister
Last Release on Feb 17, 2021
Plugin implementing the REST Navigation Service API for consumption by other plugins.
Last Release on Oct 1, 2018