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Artifacts using atlassian-plugins-osgi version 5.0.0

JIRA provides cutting edge issue tracking and project management.
Last Release on Apr 22, 2018
Atlassian Template Renderer API
Last Release on Sep 19, 2018
An OSGi bundle that provides a service that allows plugins to persist objects using the ActiveObjects framework
Last Release on Jul 28, 2019
Shared Application Access Layer Core
Last Release on Jul 4, 2018
[PUBLIC] Application Links SPI components. Allows developers to implement their own authentication providers and application types.
Last Release on Sep 6, 2019
[PUBLIC] Host integration classes for the AppLinks plugin
Last Release on Sep 6, 2019
Integration classes that tie Atlassian Plugins and Spring together
Last Release on Aug 13, 2019

Atlassian Soy Plugin
Last Release on Dec 13, 2018
Functional Test Plugin
Last Release on Dec 23, 2018
This is the plugin that provides the Atlassian Universal Plugin Manager.
Last Release on May 6, 2019