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Integration of the Google Guice framework for JavaFX applications
Last Release on Dec 15, 2014
Group Cathive FX Inject

3. CathiveFX Credits Library

com.cathive.fx » fx-creditsApache

Classes, utilities and XML bindings to help you give proper credits in to contributors and 3rd party libraries in your applications.
Last Release on Feb 16, 2013
Context And Dependency Injection (CDI) and JavaFX using JBoss WELD
Last Release on Feb 17, 2014

5. CathiveFX Gravatar Library

com.cathive.fx » fx-gravatarApache

Library to load Gravatar images from
Last Release on Feb 12, 2013


com.cathive.fx » fx-cdiApache

Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI) with JavaFX
Last Release on Sep 17, 2014