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ClojureScript interface to Facebook's React
Last Release on Jun 1, 2018
A simple Ajax library for ClojureScript
Last Release on Aug 16, 2020
CLJS development tools
Last Release on Feb 8, 2021
Lisp style templating for Facebook's React.
Last Release on May 12, 2019
A ClojureScript HTTP library.
Last Release on Feb 5, 2019
Promise library for Clojure(Script)
Last Release on Oct 1, 2020
Realtime web comms for Clojure/Script
Last Release on Feb 26, 2021

A library to bridge the gap between CLJ/CLJS, web-sockets and core.async
Last Release on Mar 7, 2017
A Clojure library designed to provide a collection of helper functions to support Clojure(script) graph parsers using graph syntax.
Last Release on Jan 14, 2021
ClojureScript atoms backed by HTML5 web storage.
Last Release on Apr 12, 2016