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An open library used to connect to the ecFeed service. It can be also used as a standalone testing tool. It is integrated with Junit5 and generates a stream of test cases using a selected algorithm (e.g. Cartesian, N-Wise). There are no limitations associated with the off-line version but the user cannot access the on-line computation servers and the model database.

LicenseEPL 1.0
Date(Oct 04, 2019)
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Web Testing
Apache 2.0
org.seleniumhq.selenium » selenium-java 3.141.59

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EPL 2.0
org.junit.platform » junit-platform-launcher

EPL 2.0
org.junit.vintage » junit-vintage-engine


Eclipse Public License - v 1.0


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Patryk Chamuczynskip.chamuczynski<at>testify.nop.chamuczynski
Marek Kuczabinskim.kuczabinski<at>testify.nomarek
Krzysztof Skorupskik.skorupski<at>testify.nok.skorupski
Przemyslaw Uznanskip.uznanski<at>testify.noizulin