The Mintegral mediation adapter is a library that handles communication between the Google Mobile Ads SDK and the Mintegral SDK. It enables you to load ads from Mintegral using the mediation feature in the Google Mobile Ads SDK.

LicenseApache 2.0
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DateApr 03, 2024
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Annotation Lib
Apache 2.0
androidx.annotation » annotation
Android Package » play-services-ads

com.mbridge.msdk.oversea » mbbid 16.6.71

com.mbridge.msdk.oversea » reward 16.6.71

com.mbridge.msdk.oversea » mbnative 16.6.71

com.mbridge.msdk.oversea » mbbanner 16.6.71

com.mbridge.msdk.oversea » newinterstitial 16.6.71

com.mbridge.msdk.oversea » mbsplash 16.6.71
Code Coverage
EPL 2.0
org.jacoco » org.jacoco.core
Lang Runtime
Apache 2.0
org.jetbrains.kotlin » kotlin-stdlib-jdk8