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Artifacts using play-services-location version 11.4.0

Play Services
Last Release on Mar 27, 2018
Play Services Awareness
Last Release on Feb 5, 2020
Play Services Fitness
Last Release on Aug 23, 2019
Last Release on Apr 1, 2020
This is the official production build of the Android Context SDK. The Context SDK is responsible for retreiving contextual information about the user/device and reporting to Flybits Context Engine. Once the Context Engine has the context information it determines what content that device should be getting.
Last Release on May 15, 2020
The most mature indoor positioning solution on the market, NAO SDK is compatible with OS Android and iPhone, which together comprise 80% of the mobile market. Highly accurate, easy to set up and scalable, NAO Campus leads the way in terms of cost-effective, indoor positioning services designed to be deployed on a wide-scale, multi-venue basis.
Last Release on Mar 26, 2020
MVP Maps
Last Release on Jun 28, 2019

Chalkdigital mobile ads SDK for Android
Last Release on Jun 25, 2019
Simple, clean and short description
Last Release on Sep 5, 2018
Simple, clean and short description
Last Release on Feb 1, 2018