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Java idiomatic client for Google Cloud Pub/Sub
Last Release on May 25, 2020
Scio - A Scala API for Apache Beam and Google Cloud Dataflow
Last Release on Apr 17, 2020
Beam SDKs Java IO Google Cloud Platform
Last Release on May 27, 2020
Alpakka is a Reactive Enterprise Integration library for Java and Scala, based on Reactive Streams and Akka.
Last Release on Apr 30, 2020
Java idiomatic client for Google Cloud Notification for GCS.
Last Release on Feb 6, 2020
High performance Cloud Pub/Sub client library. (NOTE) This release includes only data plane operations, publishing and pulling messages, and it is based on our gRPC beta release. (ALPHA) This library uses features that are part of an invitation-only release of the underlying Cloud Pub/Sub API. The library will generate errors unless you have access to this API. This restriction should be relaxed in the near future. Please contact with any questions in ...
Last Release on Jul 6, 2017