Artifacts using Auto Common Libraries (596)

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Provider-configuration files for ServiceLoader.
Last Release on Nov 3, 2021
Immutable value-type code generation for Java 1.7+.
Last Release on Nov 18, 2022
Utilities for testing compilation.
Last Release on Dec 12, 2022
Instrumentation of Java libraries using OpenTelemetry.
Last Release on Jan 14, 2023
OpenTelemetry Instrumentation For Java
Last Release on Aug 4, 2020
OpenTelemetry Instrumentation For Java
Last Release on Sep 10, 2020
A fast dependency injector for Android and Java.
Last Release on Nov 14, 2022
Static analysis tool for Java that catches common programming mistakes at compile-time
Last Release on Jan 9, 2023
Extensions for reading Kotlin metadata from Metadata annotations.
Last Release on Jun 13, 2022
Automatic generation of the Builder pattern for Java 1.8+
Last Release on Oct 9, 2022