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Artifacts using protobuf-java version 2.3.0

The Netty project is an effort to provide an asynchronous event-driven network application framework and tools for rapid development of maintainable high performance and high scalability protocol servers and clients. In other words, Netty is a NIO client server framework which enables quick and easy development of network applications such as protocol servers and clients. It greatly simplifies and streamlines network programming such as TCP and UDP socket server.
Last Release on Nov 28, 2013
Closure Compiler is a JavaScript optimizing compiler. It parses your JavaScript, analyzes it, removes dead code and rewrites and minimizes what's left. It also checks syntax, variable references, and types, and warns about common JavaScript pitfalls. It is used in many of Google's JavaScript apps, including Gmail, Google Web Search, Google Maps, and Google Docs.
Last Release on Jul 6, 2020
Apache HBase™ is the Hadoop database. Use it when you need random, realtime read/write access to your Big Data. This project's goal is the hosting of very large tables -- billions of rows X millions of columns -- atop clusters of commodity hardware.
Last Release on May 28, 2020
OperaDriver is a vendor-supported WebDriver implementation developed by Opera Software and volunteers that implements WebDriver's wire protocol.
Last Release on Aug 23, 2013
The NetCDF-Java Library is a Java interface to NetCDF files, as well as to many other types of scientific data formats.
Last Release on Aug 1, 2014
Provide serialization and de-serialization of different formats based on Google’s protobuf Message. Enables overriding the default (byte array) output to text based formats such as XML, JSON and HTML.
Last Release on Nov 9, 2015
Grails Web Application Framework
Last Release on Oct 14, 2019

Apache Crunch Core
Last Release on Oct 9, 2019
Java client for Riak 2.0
Last Release on Dec 15, 2016
Core utilities.
Last Release on Mar 31, 2018