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Google Guice Core Library
Last Release on Sep 20, 2018
Material Components for Android is a static library that you can add to your Android application in order to use APIs that provide implementations of the Material Design specification. Compatible on devices running API 14 or later.
Last Release on Sep 22, 2018
Core Protocol Buffers library. Protocol Buffers are a way of encoding structured data in an efficient yet extensible format.
Last Release on Jul 30, 2018
Provider-configuration files for ServiceLoader.
Last Release on Dec 11, 2017
Use beautiful Java code to generate beautiful Java code.
Last Release on May 16, 2018
Gradle plug-in to build Android applications.
Last Release on Mar 6, 2017
Immutable value-type code generation for Java 1.6+.
Last Release on Oct 2, 2018

A fast dependency injector for Android and Java.
Last Release on Aug 7, 2018
An alternative Android testing framework.
Last Release on Oct 5, 2018
Utilities for testing compilation.
Last Release on Dec 21, 2017