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1. H2 Database Engine8,437 usages

com.h2database » h2EPLMPL

A fast SQL database that can run embedded or a server mode with support for transactions, encryption, full search, etc. Storage can be disk-based or in-memory.
Last Release on Sep 18, 2023
Group H2Database WSO2

3. H2 MVStore46 usages

com.h2database » h2-mvstoreEPLMPL

H2 MVStore
Last Release on Sep 18, 2023
SpringSource Org H2
Last Release on Apr 22, 2018
H2 Database Engine (Page store addon)
Last Release on Mar 17, 2011

6. Db2jcc License Cisuz

com.h2database » db2jcc_license_cisuzEPLMPL

Db2jcc License Cisuz
Last Release on Oct 20, 2022

7. H2console

com.h2database » h2consoleEPLMPL

Last Release on Sep 5, 2018
Group H2Database H2