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Informix® JDBC Driver is a native-protocol, pure-Java driver (Type 4) that supports the JDBC specification. You can use the JDBC driver for Java applications that access the Informix database server.
Last Release on Apr 15, 2022

2. Ifxjdbc1 usages » ifxjdbc

Last Release on Sep 8, 2014
A complete (all dependencies included) Type 4 JDBC Driver for Informix®.
Last Release on Jul 6, 2020

4. ODBC » odbc

IBM Informix® ODBC Driver is a native-protocol that supports the ODBC specification. When you use Informix ODBC Driver in a program to interact with the Informix database, your session connects directly to the database or database server, without a middle tier. You can use the ODBC driver for many different C based applications that access the Informix database server.
Last Release on Jan 5, 2018
Informix® Change Stream client is a library that allows applications to receive a stream of triggered events based on changes in an Informix database.
Last Release on Jul 6, 2020

6. Examples » server

The powerful new generation of technology revolving around the proliferation of connected devices known as the "Internet of Things" is transforming the way we live and do business. Harnessing data from billions of devices depends on the ability to store, access and query all data together, seamlessly, for speed-of-thought insight and local decision making. IBM® Informix® is forging new frontiers with its embeddability and unique ability to seamlessly integrate SQL, NoSQL/JSON, timeseries and spatial data, ...
Last Release on Dec 20, 2017