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Artifacts using butterknife version 8.7.0

An abstract layer of MVP architecture based on android SDK.
Last Release on Aug 7, 2017
Last Release on Apr 22, 2018
Support Library For Android
Last Release on Sep 13, 2017
limuyang Android open library.
Last Release on Jul 31, 2017
A common Architecture for Android Applications developing based on MVP,integrates many Open Source Projects( like Dagger2,RxJava,Retrofit... ),to make your developing quicker and easier.
Last Release on Apr 9, 2018

6. MVPArt

me.jessyan » artApache

A New Android MVP Architecture.
Last Release on Aug 24, 2017

7. MVP

me.sfce » mvpApache

Last Release on Apr 21, 2018

Last Release on Mar 2, 2018