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<b>JCAPTCHA</b>, for <b>J</b>ava <b>C</b>ompletely <b>A</b>utomated <b>P</b>ublic <b>T</b>est to tell <b>C</b>omputers and <b>H</b>umans <b>A</b>part <br/>The open source java framework for captcha definition and integration <br/> A captcha is a simple captcha container that contains a question, a challenge, and a response validation routine.<BR/> A captcha can only be built by a captcha factory that provides methods to build localized captchas.<br/> This jar aims to provide interfaces and ...

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DateApr 14, 2009
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com.octo.captcha » jcaptcha-common-test 1.0


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Antoine Veretantoine.veret<at>gmail.comaveretProject Leader, DeveloperOCTO Technology
Marc-Antoine Garriguemagarrigue<at>octo.commagarrigueDeveloperOCTO Technology
Sebastien BrunotsbrunotDeveloper
Mathieu GandinmgandinDeveloperOCTO Technology
Benoit DoumasmdoumasDeveloper