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docx4j-ImportXHTML converts XHTML to OpenXML WordML (docx) using docx4j
Last Release on Dec 2, 2021
A modern, extensible, theme-ready Javadoc site generator
Last Release on Dec 13, 2017
Open HTML to PDF is a CSS 2.1 renderer written in Java. This artifact supports sending Open HTML to PDF log output to the slf4j logging facade.
Last Release on Sep 13, 2021
flexmark-java extension for markdown to pdf conversion
Last Release on Jun 5, 2020
Open source library for report generation. Provided by Haulmont.
Last Release on Apr 27, 2018
Struts2 PDF Stream Plugin. This plugin allows to transform a view into a PDF stream and return it as a result from Action.
Last Release on Jul 7, 2016
PDFA Generator based on openhtmltopdf
Last Release on Sep 22, 2020
Ay Filters PDF Openhtmltopdf
Last Release on Aug 1, 2019
Last Release on Jul 17, 2020
Simple Clojure wrapper for Open HTML to PDF
Last Release on Jun 7, 2021