Artifacts using spatial4j version 0.3

OpenCms is an enterprise-ready, easy to use website content management system based on Java and XML technology. Offering a complete set of features, OpenCms helps content managers worldwide to create and maintain beautiful websites fast and efficiently.
Last Release on Oct 10, 2022
Titan Core: Core Library For Titan
Last Release on Apr 22, 2014
Apache Jena SPARQL Spatial Search
Last Release on Jun 1, 2019
An Elasticsearch plugin for Grails
Last Release on Jul 6, 2022
BW Calendar Client EAR
Last Release on Mar 23, 2020
An alternative Elasticsearch plugin for Grails. Based on, but unlike the original, this implementation aims to be DB agnostic.
Last Release on Sep 30, 2016
Last Release on Jul 31, 2016

8. Geo

factual » geoEPL

Geospatial operations over points, lines, polys, geohashes, etc.
Last Release on Oct 31, 2019
This bundle contains the Apache Lucene Spatial Strategies.
Last Release on Jun 1, 2014
Oak Solr OSGi support
Last Release on Dec 21, 2022