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Artifacts using component version 0.2.3

REPL functions to support the reloaded workflow
Last Release on Oct 19, 2017
Distributed, masterless, high performance, fault tolerant data processing for Clojure
Last Release on Aug 31, 2019
Compojure Api
Last Release on Dec 20, 2019
Clojure API for Selenium-WebDriver
Last Release on Aug 12, 2015
Reloaded components à la carte
Last Release on Jan 27, 2020
A modular extension that provides support for bidi routing
Last Release on Dec 27, 2015
A library that adds suspend and resume methods to Component
Last Release on Mar 9, 2016

basic microservice.
Last Release on Apr 1, 2020
GELF Appender for logback. Use this appender to log messages to a graylog2 server via GELF messages.
Last Release on Nov 4, 2014
Component & System Creation for Stuart Sierra's Component Library.
Last Release on Nov 29, 2016