Artifacts using jakarta.activation version 1.2.2

Java Chassis::Foundations::Common
Last Release on Dec 30, 2022
Eclipse Scout RT REST
Last Release on Jan 11, 2023
Pinpoint Web
Last Release on Dec 27, 2022
The easy way to crawl the Web: turn large websites into tables and charts using simple native API, SQL or REST API
Last Release on Jan 13, 2023
eniLINK is a web platform for linked data applications based on the KOMMA framework and Lift.
Last Release on Jan 9, 2023
A single bundled dependency that includes all service and dependent JARs with third-party libraries relocated to different namespaces.
Last Release on Nov 2, 2022
This project deploys all sakai shared jars to lib
Last Release on Dec 23, 2022
Tailormap Admin provides the administration application for Tailormap
Last Release on Jan 20, 2023
This OSGi bundle wraps apache-any23-core 2.7 jar file.
Last Release on Mar 14, 2022
Last Release on Jan 9, 2023